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Why Choose JLA Treasures
to Sell Your Property

Here is what JLA Treasures offers its clients. Can other estate sellers provide these advantages and level of service?

  • Staff. Our staff, consisting of 4 regular employees and two long-term contractors, have a total of 87 years with JLA Treasures. We have an amazing, hard-working, loyal crew!
  • Certification. In addition to our staff having years of experience pricing things for sale, our founder and boss is a Certified Appraiser of Personal Property (the highest level of certification) with the International Society of Appraisers (ISA). There are only 3 recognized organizations that accredit or certify personal property appraisers; ISA, AAA, and ASA. If someone claims to be certified or accredited by anyone else, beware. And there is no licensing of personal property appraisers in Texas.
  • Multiple methods of liquidation. In addition to traditional estate and moving sales, we also do online auctions (at the client’s home or business, our warehouse, or another facility), and during 2024 will be operating 3 online stores. If we can’t sell everything at a traditional estate sale, or if a sale is not possible at the client’s home, we have multiple other options for liquidation. Many estate sellers simply walk away at the end of the sale.
  • Facilities. Since 2009, JLA Treasures has operated from a 5700 square foot office/warehouse in Richardson, which is fully climate-controlled, and protected  by a monitored security system with cameras. Rather than just disposing of or donating things which don’t sell initially, we have the means (and use them) to try to sell everything in order to maximize the amount paid to the client.
  • Moving van. In addition to our office/warehouse, we have the means to move client property via our 16-foot moving van, and do so every week. This is a huge advantage to not only preparing and staging the home for the sale, but also for clearing the home and leaving it broom-swept the Monday following the sale, which is our regular practice.
  • Records. We provide our clients with not only copies of all of our written tallies of everything we sold, but they also receive an Excel spreadsheet with the page totals. This is typically provided to the client 5-7 business days following the sale. When we do online auctions, we upload realized prices at the end of the auction, typically the same night, so that clients (or anyone) can go to the auction website and see the final price of every item almost immediately. This practice is not followed by everyone who does online auctions of personal property. We have nothing to hide.
  • Payment. We make payment at the same time we provide the sale paperwork, typically 5-7 business days. Many estate sellers wait until 30 days to settle with their clients.
  • Cars and trucks. Most estate sellers say they will sell the client’s car or truck at the sale. This should be of great concern, since we have personal experience with less-than-competent, or even fraudulent, sales of estate vehicles (incorrect pricing, straw purchasers, and other forms of mischief). Gary has been in the trust and estate business for nearly 50 years, and owned a Texas-licensed car dealership during 10 of those years. We not only know how to evaluate, recondition (if needed), and price a vehicle for sale, we also have the ability to consign for retail sale with a trusted local dealer partner of more than 20 years, or we can sell the car at a true dealer (not trade-in) price through our access to the nationwide Manheim dealer-only auction system (the world’s largest auto auction).  In nearly all cases, we collect a much lower percentage fee for selling cars than we do the rest of the property. We’ve sold estate cars as far away as Washington state and Florida. Calling one of the big dealers or wholesalers who buy cars may be easy and quick, but it’s also a virtual guarantee of wasting money, and a lot of it. Even reputable local dealers will buy cars at rough trade-in (or lower) prices. If you don’t let us sell your car, you may be unnecessarily risking estate assets. And as with all else, our car and truck sales are fully transparent.
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