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Over the past seventeen years we have completed sales off of Turtle Creek Boulevard; in both Highland Park and University Park; Lakewood; Preston Hollow; far North Dallas; Kessler Park; Lake Highlands; Addison; Richardson; Plano; and Fort Worth. We’ve sold extremely expensive collectibles and jewels, and bottles of kitchen cleansers. We’ve retailed cars, trucks and vans, and adopted out pets!  We’ve conducted liquidations with gross sales of over $181,000, all the way down to $10,000! We found and sold more than $12,000 worth of diamond jewelry that was hidden in a decedent’s dirty laundry hamper!  We’ve moved clients in, and moved them out (with our own moving van)! NOBODY does more for clients than we do! And NOBODY is more trustworthy!

Examples of the services we provide are:

Pre-sale preparation, decoration of the premises, and pricing

Research items of an apparent or potential significant value

Advertising (in the Dallas Morning News including reference to this web site, where specific information and pictures of sale items will be available), craigslist.org, onwww.24-7estatesales.com/ and by email to our proprietary list of over 550 dealers and regular customers

Conducting the sale itself (usually two full days)

Motor vehicle disposition handled professionally by retailing the vehicle at the sale ourselves, later consignment, or by auction at true wholesale prices by a dealer associate of ours

Arranging for disposal, consignment (including eBay) or charitable contribution of remaining items

Cleanup of the premises after the sale - home left empty and broom swept or staged as desired (if professional help is required, JLA will arrange at the client’s expense)

Final accounting and payment to the client

With seventeen years in the business, and association with the International Society of Appraisers (ISA), www.isa-appraisers.org, we offer ISA-accredited and USPAP compliant written appraisals of household goods, antiques and collectibles. We can also appraise both collectible and late-model motor vehicles. This can be performed as a stand-alone service billed on an hourly basis, or done as part of an estate or moving sale. You should also be aware that one of our owners/managers has been a trust and estate professional for 35 years (for more information please visitwww.trustmangroup.com).

Accordingly, we adhere to strict fiduciary principles in the conduct of our business. Conflicts of interest are always avoided. Excellent references from both client families and from professionals handling estates are available upon request.

For more information, or to receive a proposal for your specific needs, please contact us.

About JLA Treasures


Our clients’ needs come first. Period.  We stake a 37-year business reputation of absolute integrity in the personal trust and estate management business on each and every engagement. Read more»


First and foremost: DON’T THROW ANYTHING AWAY! The old adage remains true: “One person’s junk is another’s treasure.” Let the professionals decide what to keep and sell, or what to discard.

Don’t assume that your personal property is not valuable enough for an estate sale. There can be very good money in mundane household effects, non-collectible furniture, daily dishware and silverware, garage tools, etc. Again, let us take a look and decide what our experience tells us your property will bring. READ MORE»

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